Google Stock Ticker Web Search on iPhone or Android Results in Slick Card-like View

Tracking news and stock prices for companies you own shares of or are interested in is near the top of a lot of people’s minds. The various governmental upheavals and the mega-earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan continue to affect the day-to-day financial markets. Google enhanced their mobile web search ( for the iPhone and Android phones (2.1 or newer) to provide a rich visual presentation as the result of any stock ticker symbal search (e.g., GOOG for Google or AAPL for Apple).

Stay connected to the market, wherever you are

The information display for a stock ticker symbol search looks very good. Multiple pages of information can be viewed by tapping the tiny blue bottons near the bottom of the display. I should emphasize the word “tiny” because they are so small that I think some people may find it difficult to press one of the five blue buttons at the bottom. I know I did although I must admit that I was able to accurately press each button. It did require much more deliberate fingertip aiming than I prefer, however.

Note that thi enhanced financial information user interface does not show up when using an iPad.

Via ReadWriteWeb: Google’s Newest Mobile Search Feature is a Thing of Beauty

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