Google TV apps aren’t seeing many organic downloads: 92.6% are pre-installed, Xyologic says

Google’s Android-based Google TV system hasn’t been much of a hit with consumers and neither have its exclusive apps according to a new study from mobile app analysis company Xyologic. The company found that since August 2011 the 64 exclusive Google TV apps have reached an install base of 4.79 million, but the vast majority of those installs — 4.44 million or 92.6 percent of them — are the six apps that come pre-installed with Google TV.

While the system has been plagued by poor reviews and slow uptake, Xyologic’s statistics do seem to indicate that Google TV may finally be finding a niche in the market. The six pre-installed apps have seen downloads spike since the holiday season. Napster for Google TV, one of the first apps available on the service, saw 258,000 of its 903,000 total installs come in the last month alone.

Launched in 2010, Google TV combines TV, web-browsing and a variety of integrated apps. The system comes pre-installed on a variety of Sony Internet TVs and was initially available as a separate set-top box manufactured by Logitech before the unit was discontinued due to poor sales. Logitech’s CEO Guerrino De Luca revealed the company had lost more than $100 million on Google TV in November. In January, Google announced that Vizio and Samsung were developing Google TV devices.

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