Google Updates Android Market Web Page

For a web company, Google sure has a very disappointing web site for the Android Market. The site does not show all of the applications that are available for Android, doesn’t provide a way to search for applications, nor provides a way to download applications. Granted, a downloading feature to the web site would require changes to the Market app on phones, but it could be done. Google did recently update the site to make it more visually appealing. You can click on tabs for Featured apps, the Top Free apps, and the Top Paid apps. The Top Free and Top Paid sections are broken down further into categories. Clicking an app icon displays a few screen shots of the app along with a brief description. Unfortunately, Google does not provide QR codes for each app to save having to type the app names on your phone.

Fortunately, there are several alternative sites that provide web access to the entire catalog of Android apps. My favorite of these is AppBrain, which has an Android app to provide the ability to initiate the installation of apps from the web site. AppBrain also provides the change log for each app so you can tell what has changed in each version, and it displays user reviews. and Cyrket are two other web sites that provide access to the apps in the Android Market.