Google Updates Glass to Stop Losing Your Phone Calls

glass googleGoogle Glass has been stealing phone calls from unsuspecting users, but the latest update from Google fixes Glass’s previous call-droppings.

According to the latest press release form Google, all calls will not be routed to your eyewear if it is not on your head. This was problematic before since Google did not specify when your eyewear was active so calls would be missed due to the default settings.

The new update also comes with a few other great features for backing up photos and videos as well as a way to remove all photos and videos from your timeline. Here are the details:

Photo and video backup – Backing up your photos and videos can take a lot of bandwidth, so to avoid eating through your phone’s data plan, Glass only backs up when you’re plugged in and on Wi-Fi. But we heard loud and clear that you wanted a choice, so now you can force a backup on any internet connection.  Just swipe to the Auto Backup card in Settings and tap to start a backup.

Clear photos and videos from timeline – One of our top community requests is to be able to clear all your photos and videos from your timeline in one step. All the shutterbugs out there can now tap the Auto Backup card and then swipe forward to “Clear” your synced photos and videos from your timeline and free up storage space.