Google updates Google Search app for iOS with Google Now functionality

Google today announced the release of its Google Now feature in its Google Search app for iOS. Google Now is a personal assistant feature within the Google Search app for Android, and now iOS, which personalizes the Google search bar by providing the user with weather forecasts, driving conditions, calendar reminders, news updates, flight reminders and more.

Information from Google Now is presented through Google Now Cards. Some of the Cards, which provide different functionalities, are available only for Android. Features that aren’t available for iOS include the Boarding pass, Activity Summary, Events, Zillow, Fandango, Concerts and Nearby Events. But a majority of the other features are present in Google Now for iOS.

Google also updated the voice assistant functionality in its Google Search app, unleashing a competitor to Apple’s on-board voice assistant Siri. In the app, a user can tap the microphone icon and speak to their iOS device. For example, if a users asks, “Do I need an umbrella this weekend?” the app will answer the question by providing the user with the forecast.

It’s unlikely that Google Now for iOS will ever have all of the same abilities as Google Now does for Android since the app is a core component of the Android operating system.

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