Google Wallet Launched: Only 1 Phone Supported. But, 143 Merchants in my Area Accept It

Google partnered with Citi, MasterCard, Sprint and First Data to try to enable its Google Wallet to replace the need for plastic credit cards. Google Wallet gets its own funds, however, from the good ol’ plastic card accounts. There is one little catch, however.

Launching Google Wallet on Sprint and working with Visa, American Express and Discover

The catch? Google Wallet depends on NFC (Near Field Communications) hardware in an Android phone. The only Android phone with NFC hardware is the Nexus S. And, the only Nexus S model supported is the Nexus S 4G available only from Sprint. So, you have to be a Sprint customer with a Nexus S 4G to use this service. If you meet those conditions, you will also need to find retailers who have an use the NFC hardware needed for their point-of-sale system. Google provides a tool to search for merchants that will work with Google Wallet. You can find this search tool here:

I was surprised to find 143 merchants in my area that supports Google Wallet. The list includes a bakery, bank, fast food places and a drug store chain.

You can learn more about Google Wallet here:

Video courtesy of Google

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