Following the Google Beverly Hills News Trail

What better way to quantify the efforts of local LA media to report on news of Google’s leasing of entertainment division office space in Beverly Hills than… Google News?

Turns out it was a tie. Marie Cunningham, local editor of Beverly Hills Patch, posted a short item about the April 5th city council approval of Google’s request at the same time as The Hollywood Reporter‘s Daniel Miller. However, Miller does a better job of padding the missive with mention of other tenants in the 331 Foothill Road building that Google and YouTube employees are expected to occupy by the end of the year.

The LA Times was next, about two hours later, followed in the cycle by LAist, the Huffington Post (which simply funneled the Patch item), and others.

The only thing missing at this time is a wink-wink white-bar headline, along the lines of, “Google Search for Expanded LA Office Space Generates Second Result.”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.