Google’s Modular Smartphone Project Gives New Hopes to Terrible Batteries

ara-diagramGoogle’s Project Ara is the latest development in phones using modular components. Conceptually, it allows users to create infinite variations of their desired device, but let’s be real, it’s going to be very difficult to make this work like Legos. There is however, some glimmer of hope in the project’s first trajectory: batteries.

Project Ara’s latest update gives users the ability to use choose various battery strengths, use multiple batteries, and even switch out a dying one without powering down the phone. The news came from the release of the MDK (Module Developer Kit), which came a full week prior to the Google Ara conference. 


Project Ara is a platform for creating modular smartphones. Users will be able to populate an endoskeleton, the structural frame and network backbone of the device, and populate it with modules, the building blocks that make up the vast majority of the phone’s functionality and features. Since modules are interchangeable, a user has the freedom to design exactly the phone they want and continue to customize the phone over time by replacing modules.

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