Google/Slide Pool Party Ends the Party on Oct. 14

It seems like just yesterday that I received my Pool Party invitation from Google’s Slide subsidiary. And, in fact, it was less than two months ago that I wrote this (Aug. 5, 2011):

Google/Slide Pool Party for Android & iPhone: Real-time Photo Sharing

Pool Party is a free real-time photo sharing service with free apps available for Android and iPhone. The service and apps let you create group albums and see your friends’ photos as they happen in real-time with a maximum pool of 30 users.

However, shortly after that Google announced it would shutter Slide and its products including the innovative PhotoVine. I recently received this notice from Slide that Pool Party will be shutdown on October 14, 2011. They are providing a mechanism to download any photos posted to the service. So long, Pool Party. We hardly knew ye.

Dear Todd,

Thank you so much for being a beta tester and early adopter of Pool Party. As you may have seen, Slide recently announced that most of its products will be discontinued over the course of the coming months, including Pool Party. Starting in a few days, Pool Party will no longer be accepting new photo uploads.

Pool Party will shut down completely on October 14th, 2011.

To download your photos, log in to You can download any photos you’ve uploaded as well as all photos from any of your pools. This functionality will be available until October 14th.

Thanks for all your feedback and support,
Pool Party Team

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