Gootip for iPhone Gathers People Generated Answers to Questions Based on Where You Are

Gootip is a free iPhone app and web-based service that is part of the trend of providing responses from people instead of search engines. One of its spins on this is it a location based questions and answers service. Unless otherwise specified, your question is based on your current location or a specified city.

Gootip (iTunes App Store)

Here’s how it works: All registered users can answer all questions. However, by combining users’ location, the information they provided when they registered, and their expertise level through the “stickers” that they win, questions asked will be answered primarily by people living/working in the city or the specific location concerned.

We notify these “experts” by email, Facebook and our mobile app, to ensure that the right people answer your question.

For “live” questions requiring fast answers (only open for 1 hour), we combine the data listed above with users’ recent Facebook, Gowalla and Foursquare checkins. This allows us to notify our experts that questions have been asked about their current location. Of course, users who ask questions are also notified by email, Facebook and iPhone when an answer is given to one of their questions.

The recent 2.0 update adds Twitter to the mix of information sources.

Via TechCrunch: Gootip Turns Twitter Into A Location-Based Q&A Service; Launches iPhone App, APIs, and More