Gossip Makes its Way (Wrongly) From D.C. to LA

Actress Fran Drescher will not be hosting a talk show on FNC. Repeat: Drescher, known to be a Democrat, will not be hosting a show on the “Fair and Balanced” Channel.

But LA’s The Wrap seems to think it’s possible.

The Wrap’s Joe Adalian wrote a piece Sunday night about Drescher hosting a talk show this summer after she tweeted as much. The reporter then speculated that maybe it’s on FNC and linked to a U.S. News & World Report Washington Whispers column from September 2009, where the rumor originated. What The Wrap missed was that FNC denied this back in September to mediabistro’s TVNewser when that rumor first surfaced.

In conclusion, the “Nanny” may be doing a talk show, but, clearly it’s not with FNC.

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