Gothamist Commenter Arrested for Threatening Ray Kelly

For some reason, people continue to think that law enforcement agencies and the government aren’t paying attention to what is said online. The latest case proving that you can’t just say whatever the hell you feel like involves Gothamist commenter Richard Strauss, who has been arrested for threatening NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly.

The New York Post reports that Strauss, who is a “top 50” commenter on Gothamist under the handle “Ladder157,” got a little out of control when discussing a post about the NYPD, and allegedly wrote the following comment:

Ray Kelly is an enemy of the people and the constitution. As such, he should be treated as any other enemy of the U.S.A. would be. Kelly is a legitimate target due to his illegal actions. I took a federal oath to protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic and Kelly is most assuredly a domestic enemy. A well placed round of 7.62 ammo to his thick skull would work quite well to eliminate the threat that he poses. All New Yorkers should aim their sights (both figuratively and literally) on this piece of excrement. Come get me Kelly if you have the balls and I don’t mean the ones you suck on.

It seems that Kelly does indeed have “the balls.”

Ironically enough, Strauss’ lawyer declined to comment on the charges.

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