Gourmet Readers Still Fiercely Loyal

Ever since Gourmet went off to that giant newsstand in the sky or some New Jersey warehouse late last year, its readers have desperately been trying to fill the void it has left in its wake. But it has been in vain! No back issue of Saveur or free subscription to Bon Appétit will do the trick, it seems. In fact, the very thought is sickening to devoted Gourmosexuals. Take one woman’s reaction to finding out her favorite food-related magazine was folding:

“I actually felt sick to my stomach,” Ms. Shlaes said.

And Condé Nast’s offer to replace her subscription with one to Bon Appétit simply wouldn’t fly – she’d rather go magazineless.

In the six months since Gourment ceased publication, the industry has seen neither its readers nor its former advertisers flock to other, competing food magazines. Bon Appétit was expected to benefit the most from Gourmet‘s demise, with former Gourmet readers, like the hopefully recovered Ms. Shlaes, given the option of switching to Bon Appétit. However, it only added about 200,000 additional subscribers, or about 20 percent of Gourmet subscribers.

Then again, there’s always the steadily growing Food Network Magazine, which will soon boast the combined circulation of Saveur and Food & Wine and offers features on, say, how to deal, psychologically, with the fact that Rachael Ray says “EVOO” followed by “that’s extra virgin olive oil” like EVERY SINGLE TIME, and recipes like Paula Deen’s peanut butter butter leaf butter salad.

Many in Mediabistro’s Facebook community agree – they want their Gourmet back! What about you, reader? Is Gourmet your most missed magazine?