Redesigns Itself Into the Pinterest of News, the online version of Government Technology, a trade mag for state and local governments, has redesigned its website with what they’re calling a “never-ending” news page.

“Gone is the standard news page look and feel. The new site fits any device you choose— smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop,” the magazine said in a press release. We’re told this new approach has already created buzz, though we couldn’t really find any. They say the redesign “is responsive, more social, bold, bright and extremely visual.”

That’s all well and good, and the site is actually extremely visual, so much so that it’s like a Pinterest board of news. We’re just not sure we mean that in a good way. Is this really the best approach to organizing date-based content? Just a few seconds of scrolling down the homepage and we’re on a story like “Free Tax Filing Online Helps Low-Income Citizens.” That is a good idea for an article… for tax season, when it was actually written.

It is nice, though, that you can filter the never-ending list to display only the kind of stories you want—and not just by topic, but by the branch of government the story pertains to. Then it really is like a Pinterest board.

Maybe a more social approach would’ve let people organize the stories themselves. Crowd-curation? Share groups of stories they liked? As it stands in default, it’s just weird to give front page real estate to stories that are months old, even if you do have to scroll before you find them.

On that front, do online news readers even like scrolling? And when should we stop scrolling? We just don’t know. And where are the pictures of tasty desserts? Inspirational quotes? Tips on making homemade cleaning supplies? Aside from all that, “never-ending” isn’t even a phrase you hear applied often to things people like, so maybe Govtech should—at a minimum—reconsider its pitch.

Have a look at the new, and judge for yourself.

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