GQ Brings Its Signature Style to Saks

Last night, we dispatched the male contingent of the FishbowlNY team to what was, without a doubt, the premiere men’s fashion destination of the evening (or even, dare we say, the week): GQ‘s Signature Style event at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The event, packed to the brim with hip and up-and-coming designers for in the men’s fashion world, served multiple purposes: It served to direct some dollars toward the Hendrick-Martin institute, an organization that works with GLBTQ youth; it aimed to promote a few talented, young designers; and — perhaps most importantly for our purposes — it set out to connect the venerable Gentlemen’s Quarterly to a compelling but sometimes elusive demographic.

“We want to connect with young people,” the evening’s host, GQ style editor Adam Rapoport, told us as the evening was getting underway. GQ is not content to be your older brother’s bathroom reader, he explained (though not exactly in those words.)

“It’s a great opportunity to promote these young designers and show that we have on eye on what’s going on in this area of men’s fashion,” he added.

More from the event, including pictures, after the jump.

We asked: Are there one or two designers for twenty- and thirty-something men to watch? Why, yes. Yes there are.

Rapoport pointed to Stefan Miljanic of Gilded Age and David Neville and Marcus Wainwright of Rag & Bone, both nominees for GQ‘s 2008 Best Designer of the Year.

Overall, the event was a straight-forward affair. Rapoport welcomed everyone and introduced the designers. Present and accounted for were Miljanic, Richard Christiansen and Anthony Keegan of Commonwealth Utilities, the gentleman of Rogues Gallery, along with representatives from D&G and Yigal Azrouël. After introductions, there was music, mingling, shopping and, of course, free-flowing drink.

Commonwealth Utilities’ Keegan and Christiansen

Gilded Age designer Miljanic

Rapoport (left) with GQ deputy editor Michael Hainey

The party’s roving magician

The Guilded Age team

The crew from Yigal Azrouël

Rapoport does some shopping

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