‘Style Guy’ Finds Tom Brokaw’s Hair ‘Elegant,’ Donald Trump-Brand Clothing Line ‘Sleazy’

GQ celebrated the release of its fall/winter issue last night with a soiree at The Huxley featuring “Style Guy” Glenn O’Brien. The event was hosted by Robert Finfer, Founder and CEO of Integrity Capital Partners and Co-Founder of Tomahawk Capital, LLC.

Dropping in on a cocktail party attended by a well-known fashion/style critic, we expected to see guests decked out in their finest attire. And we did. But we also spotted a few questionable choices, like a sequined dress that didn’t fit so well (pictured right).

That’s neither here nor there.

FishbowlDC sat down with O’Brien himself for a quick Q&A to get his expertise on style in the news media world.

FBDC: What’s your media diet like?
GOB: I read the New York Times every morning. I try to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert when I can. But I don’t watch the evening news or anything like that.

FBDC: Who’s the best-dressed man or woman in news media?…
GOB: Peter Jennings always looked good but we don’t have him anymore. Who’s the older gentleman on NBC? He has really elegant hair… Tom Brokaw. And the lady on “60 Minutes.” [Here O’Brien explained that “every two hours” he blanks on names.] She just did a thing on my friend Eric Goode about endangered turtles. Lesley Stahl.

FBDC: Worst dressed?
GOB: Well there’s good worst and there’s bad worst. I can’t say anything about that guy Tony Blankley because he died of cancer. But he was always dressed exuberantly on the “McLaughlin Report.” They don’t really let you on TV if you’re dressed bad.

FBDC: What’s one bit of style advice you’d give to all journalists?
GOB: Don’t ever wear anything manufactured by Donald Trump.

FBDC: Why?
GOB: I just don’t like him. He has this really sleazy line of stuff he’d never wear himself. I just don’t think he’s a nice man.