Graphicly’s CEO Micah Baldwin Talks Digital Comics

Graphicly is a new company lets comic book publishers sell digital comics through a Facebook app. We caught up with Graphicly CEO Micah Baldwin to discuss how the app works for publishers.

EBN: How does the Graphicly app on Facebook work?

MB: The app is very easy to use. It is added to a Facebook page much like any app, and it includes Graphicly’s technology, which is the reader wrapped with engagement tools like Twitter, Google+ and comments. The interactions that occur around that graphic novel stay with the graphic novel across the web and on The comics come from more than 250 publishers and 4,000 creators that have partnered with Graphicly to share and promote their content digitally.

EBN: What devices can you read these Graphicly comics on?

MB: Every device – iOS, Android and the web.

EBN: How do comic book creators get paid by selling through Graphicly?

MB: Its just like Amazon in that there is a revenue share with the creator. With Graphicly, creators get the lion share of the revenue.

EBN: How are readers becoming aware of your digital comics?

MB: Two ways. The first is reader-to-reader suggestions. Because of the added engagement components Graphicly replicates the way that we all first were introduced to comic books–when a friend handed us one of his favorite stories. The second is through publisher/creator partnerships where we support their efforts on social networks and traditionally.

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