Gravity: Augmented Reality Tablet That Lets You Sketch in 3D

Gravity is a drawing tablet designed by students at the Royal College of Art. Unlike other tablets, it’s specifically created for augmented reality. You can draw with it using the special stylus, and your drawings will appear three dimensional. All you need is Occulus Rift.

Gravity was developed specifically for creatives. We designed it to be simple enough so it could be used by everybody without prior explanation. It makes creating shapes as easy as doodling on a piece of paper.

This kind of tool would have made a lot of design students in my school very happy. There were ways to project 3-dimensional objects, but you have to create them in a modeling software program like Maya or Rhino. Now, with the ability to draw in 3D, you can essentially sketch and imagine whatever your heart desires. Once there are import and export options for the 3D drawings, you can make graphics, visualizations, videos, and even print them as 3D items.

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