Graydon Carter Pens Another Editor’s Letter With Trump as Subject

The administration has left Carter "plumb exhausted."

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, originator of the “short-fingered vulgarian” descriptor, adds to an archive of missives about President Trump that span Trump’s careers as businessman, presidential candidate and now president.

Carter’s latest is the editor’s letter in the magazine’s March issue, and Carter is tired. More than tired, he is “plumb exhausted,” he writes as he lists the executive orders, diplomatic misfires, the administration’s “lies, the alternative facts, the boasts, the conflicts, and the scandals from this ‘fine-tuned machine.'” And that’s just the first half of the first paragraph.

He follows that up with observations about the Trump family’s business entanglements, the intersection of sartorial considerations and character, a comparison of Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and a description of Steve Bannon as the “Trump Whisperer” as well as “the man who is really running the country.”

Carter’s observations, ultimately, are not meant to be humorous, even when they lean that way–you can see that in the conclusion, where there is no comfort to be had.

Carter and the magazine’s continued call-outs of Trump, which include the three most recent editor’s letters preceding this one and a writer’s unfavorable review of Trump Grill, have certainly caught the attention of President Trump, earning the magazine an unsubstantiated “really poor numbers” tweet from the president back in December.

Contrary to the version of reality depicted in the tweet, the numbers have trended up. That tweet alone, and the subscription drive that followed, garnered 13,000 new subscriptions in the the first 24 hours of that promotion.

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