Great Time to be a Geek

When was the last time you heard the term “hiring boom” anywhere, in any context? It’s been forever, right? Well here come perks like foosball tables, free cappuccino, and onsite dry cleaning again, because we here in the San Francisco Bay Area are at the center of a tech jobs boom, according to USA Today.

If you are a tech pro, you can name your price, the story says. How’s this for enticement? At Zynga, “We have no formal policy for exempt employees. Our vacation policy is ‘please rest and take some days off.'”

Could some of this good fortune open up opportunities for the PR and marketing space?

Crediting the computing cloud for this surge, San Francisco-area tech companies such as Groupon, NetSuite, and Twitter are hiring as well as the tech goliaths like Facebook and Google, which have been expanding all through the worst of the recession.

Twitter even got a tax break on its new digs by keeping it within the city of San Francisco. Like an old retired couple, it had its eye on moving down the peninsula where land is cheaper and parking plentiful.

So if your expertise is in tech PR, look around. Because according to the fantastically quotable NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson,  “Companies around the globe are now moving their complex business processes to the cloud, and NetSuite is hiring like our hair is on fire to meet that demand.”