GREE unleashes Pac-Man Monsters on iOS, Google Play


GREE has announced the launch of Pac-Man Monsters on iOS and Android devices. The game was created by GREE’s Japan studio, in collaboration with Bandai Namco Games, and sees players completing quests alongside the classic characters from the original Pac-Man arcade game.

In Pac-Man Monsters, players jump into Pac-Man’s big red shoes, and are challenged to defeat the dark forces that mysteriously appear in the once peaceful Pac Land.

Players begin Pac-Man Monsters by choosing one of three partners, a Fighter Pac, Knight Pac or Forest Pac. From there, gamers jump into more than 100 quests, battling enemy monsters in a puzzle style similar to that of Gungho’s Puzzle & Dragons.

During combat, players are asked to tap and drag a line connecting multiple pellets (usually of the same color). When the line is formed, Pac-Man gobbles the pellets, with the colored pellets corresponding to the colors of the monsters on the player’s team. That is, blue pellets cause the player’s blue monsters to attack, and so on.

The board is also filled with Ghosts, which block the removal of certain pellets from the board, unless players eat a Power Pellet before trying to attack them. When players take damage, fruit pieces will also appear, giving players health boosts when collected.

Players have a chance of receiving eggs at random during battle, which contain one of the game’s more than 100 unique monsters. Players must manually open these eggs to turn them into monsters. Otherwise, the eggs can be used to upgrade monsters to increase their stats. Extra or duplicate monsters can also be used as upgrade materials.

Pac-Man Monsters is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. The game is supported via in-app purchases, as gamers can purchase gold pellets to purchase premium monsters. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.