Greenpeace Aims To Break Facebook Comment Record

Greenpeace is about to break the world record for the most comments on a single Facebook post.

As nearly 50,000 responses to a single Facebook post have gone up within about 8 hours, Greenpeace appears well on its way to breaking a world record.

The campaign attempts a friendlier tactic (bad pun intended) to further the organization’s ongoing effort to pressure the social network to stop using coal to power data centers.

Greenpeace originally aimed for 50,000 comments on a single post, and is now aiming for 100,000 or more. The organization is also asking users to leave comments for Facebook staff, urging them to run their massive data centers on renewable energy, instead of “dirty coal and dangerous nuclear” energy.

According to the post (which is also translated into Italian, Spanish and Turkish, among other languages), Greenpeace will be displaying everyone’s comments today directly outside Facebook’s headquarters in California.

As we have noted before, Greenpeace International has been running an ongoing campaign against Facebook’s use of coal to power their data centers. Earlier this month, they set up a deadline for Facebook to switch to renewable energy by Earth Day, April 22nd.

When Facebook formally announced the open sourcing of its energy efficient data centers a few days ago, Greenpeace complained that this was a nice step but not enough.

(The editor of this blog has told Greenpeace’s publicist that the organization appears to be targeting Facebook because of its high visibility when in fact many other companies use larger amounts of coal and otherwise damage the environment to a far greater extent than the leading social network does. But going after those corporations doesn’t garner the same amount of press coverage as Facebook. We’re crying foul against this whole campaign!)

Greenpeace’s viral marketing team realized that the best way to make an impact by that date was to create an interactive and provocative initiative first. And it’s working. At the time of this writing, their post “COMMENT HERE & share for the World Record!” has reached 43,895 comments. People in all languages are leaving comments urging the social network to go green:

This means that in less than half the time allotted, Greenpeace is already about to reach the 50,000 comments mark. The organization has updated its goal, now asking: “Can we reach 100,000?”

What do you think about this particular initiative, and the way Greenpeace has campaigned around Facebook?

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