Greta and Tucker Seemingly Bury the Hatchet

In the aftermath of last night’s blood feud on FNC’s “On the Record” between Greta Van Susteren and Tucker Carlson, it was not looking as if their friendship could withstand the personal attacks. Things got heated. Things got personal. She called him a liar. He gave her a lesson on the shape of quotation marks.

But after the interview, Van Susteren took to her Gretawire blog yet again — this time to say that friends fight. She even reasoned  – get this — that the more she likes someone the angrier she gets. If that’s the case, then Van Susteren will name her next dog after Carlson.

Carlson wrote a short, polite email thanking her for allowing him to be on her show. She published the note with his permission and added one of her own: “…we will turn down the temperature and walk away friends in spite of our continuing differences of opinion.”

Read her post explaining the complexities of friendship here.