Greta Hypes Story She Wants Spiked

Greta Van Susteren claims that she has taken The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson “to the woodshed” for running a story on Mike Tyson‘s vile, sexually explicit thoughts on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Tonight she apparently let Carlson out of that woodshed to discuss the matter on her 10 p.m. program. “Tucker Carlson and I have been in a 36-hour slugfest. It has not been fun for either one of us,” Van Susteren said, introducing the story.

“Good evening Greta,” the usually friendly Carlson said coolly.

And that was by far the nicest part of the conversation.

As Carlson tried to explain that the story was not an attack on Palin, Van Susteren wasn’t buying it. She accused Carlson of lying. “I think you’re lying about something Tucker. You came up with this editorial note that wasn’t there the night before. … [The piece] glorifies attacks on women.”

The story by The Daily Caller‘s TV writer Jeff Poor has not been altered. Over the weekend Carlson added an editorial note. “The fact is our story has not changed,” Carlson said. “I added an editor’s note because a couple of people on Twitter misunderstood. Our story has not changed.”

But Van Susteren refused to let his words sink in, barreling ahead with accusations that Carlson is somehow insensitive towards women. The basis of Van Susteren’s beef is that the publication gave Tyson’s comments, which originally aired on a Las Vegas radio program last week, additional attention. But one might ask how dedicating an entire segment of her highly-rated cable show to the same issue she supposedly wants squashed is any different than The Daily Caller’s recap of Tyson’s interview – other than being once more removed and hundreds of times more amplified?

Carlson continued, “I like women more than I like men.” He then tried to defend himself against Van Susteren’s charges that The Daily Caller is a website that hurts women. “Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist. You had Mike Tyson on your show and you asked him nothing about his assault,” Carlson shot back. “You asked him about being a vegan. …Why did you give him a puff treatment on your show? … You sucked up to Mike Tyson.”

Carlson said his publication ran the story so people “could see what an animal Tyson is.” He added, “The truth is, we were not attacking Sarah Palin for a second, as you know.”

But Van Susteren, perhaps the fiercest Palin defender around, does not know. What’s more, her husband, John Coale, has served as a Palin consultant. She went after Carlson once again, saying, “I’m saying you are the purveyor of the worst smut against women.” With that, she  shouted over him and returned to butchering his editorial note. “That’s just cover! That’s just cover. We’re not that stupid,” she said angrily. “You tried to hide your motive with that editorial note.”

Carlson had the final word. He looked at her almost sadly and remarked, “Read the piece Greta.”

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