Greta Questions Our Kardashian ‘Big Butt’ Report

FNC’s Greta Van Susteren is questioning our “fairness” in posting an item over the weekend on Kim Kardashian’s caboose. Van Susteren had prime visibility to the Kardashian behind this weekend, as Kardashian was Van Susteren’s date to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. She writes on her GretaWire blog, “How can we women journalists expect men to treat women with dignity when women some women are up to their eye balls demeaning other women?”

As you will see in the “Big Butts” post, everyone who comments on Kardashian’s a– is highly complimentary. In addition, it’s only natural that FishbowlDC would report on what journos are talking about and thinking about — in this case, it happened to be a Kardashian body part. Kardashian, by the way, models skimpy bikinis, and in December 2007 she posed nude for Playboy. We know it’s not Hustler or anything, but does Van Susteren think this is at all demeaning to women?

First, here’s the FishbowlDC “Big Butts” item if you haven’t seen it.
And then read the full Gretawire post here.

> Update: As my FishbowlDC co-editor Matt Dornic pointed out: “I love Greta but she’s wrong on this. How can you use sexuality to rise to fame (i.e. Kardashian’s nasty sex tape with Ray J (Moesha’s brother), her Playboy spread or her reality show where she talks about her butt non-stop) and then cry foul? Maybe Greta should pick her White House Correspondents’ Dinner dates more carefully. I can understand her defending Todd Palin, but I can’t understand her defending Kim Kardashian on issues pertaining to women.”

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