Grey and Santa’s Elves Spread the Word About Canon’s North Pole App

The good people at Grey New York recently joined forces with the Canon elves to spread the word about a new Facebook app released by their client that helps kids send their Christmas wishes directly to the man himself at the North Pole.

It’s kind of adorable. Kids can either submit a pic, write to Saint Nick or draw a picture. Here, for example, is our quickly rendered portrait of the basset hound we will be getting this year:

Can you tell she’s smiling?

After parents submit their kids’ wishes, the family can watch a video of the wish delivered to Santa’s Workshop via Canon’s new printer while Mrs. Claus checks the naughty list. It’s all about showcasing the company’s new cloud printing technology in the cutest possible way.

For the event, a few excited elves armed with tablets gathered in Manhattan’s Bryant Park to show demonstrate its charms to the public.

Here’s the Canon team hard at work:

And here are the folks at Grey who organized the event.

No snark on this one, guys. It’s a Christmas miracle!

The Canon team: Rita Dubey, Marketing Manager, Monica Patterson, Senior Specialist and Stephanie Hayman, Marketing Associate

The Grey team: Courtney Engel, Vice President, Brenda O’Donovan, Account Supervisor, Cristina Fotieo, Account Supervisor,  Dayna Adelman, Senior Account Executive, Nicole Petrosini, Account Executive

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.