Gross is the Taxman on MSNBC’s ‘Week Ahead’ Video

Diagnosis? Getting better.

MSNBC’s weekly video segment that highlights the week ahead is still working out kinks, but it has vastly improved since it’s debut just a few weeks ago. Sound effects are better. Pacing is improving. Host Domenico Montanaro appears more natural, more confident in his script.

The video features the necessary (or I wouldn’t watch!) appearance from producer Andy Gross, who steps in and pretends to be MontanroÂ’s accountant (of sorts). He sits there nonsensically for a few moments until Montanaro tells us what he’s doing pounding away on a computer with a pensive look. “CPA, ShmeePeeA”, Gross jokes when Montanaro asks if he has a CPA. Gross is pretending (we hope) to do Montanaro’s taxes as Montanaro reminds everyone that Thursday is tax day.

Note to Andy: In a plea from the depths of the Fishbowl, please stop having Montanaro move from Tuesday to Sunday to Friday to Thursday. I like my days of the week in their proper order and I’m certain other watchers do, too.

Watch the video here.