Groupon Enhances Social Travel with Acquisition of Uptake

G roup buying innovators Groupon have acquired Uptake, a service dedicated to pairing together the “advice and recommendations from the people you trust most.”  It’s a social travel website that lets you log in to Facebook and figure out who has been to the places you’re interested in and ask those people for tips.

The service is strong because it allows you to cross-check your own friends’ recommendations with reviews from major travel websites.  They served 30 million travellers in 2011.  The service does act similarly to Tripadvisor at times, and that may be the reason Groupon has become interested.

Groupon is likely trying to improve Groupon Getaways, a travel product that allows users to get great deals.  Adding something like Uptake may help that service turn into something that could rival TripAdvisor.

AllThingsD is reporting that the deal is in the “teens of millions” range.