Groupon: We’re Totally Not Friends With Him. Really.

Groupon has snarkily announced it did not drop its advertisements from NBC’s The Apprentice to distance itself from creator and star Donald Trump, because it never advertised on the show or website at all.

“Things go viral on the internet. Who knew?” Groupon wrote on its blog.

News stories were published this week saying after the obnoxious New Yorker involved himself in the “birther” movement against President Obama, Groupon dropped its association with Trump like a hot rock.

Not true, says the coupon giant. It never liked the comb-over king in the first place.

Either way, it looks like Groupon is done offending its customers itself.

It did a fine job of that during Super Bowl 2011, when it ran ads making light of deforestation and suffering in Tibet, and is now being extra-cautious that it does not offend its target audience’s sensibilities by proxy.

Taking this stand was a safe bet for Groupon. No matter which side someone is on about politics, Trump’s loudmouth bullying tactics and media whoring make him offensive to pretty much everyone.


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