GSN Games’ Sparcade Lets You Compete for Real Money on iOS

The game allows users to play competitive versions of Solitaire TriPeaks, Scrabble, Tetris Burst, Pac-Man and Wheel of Fortune to win virtual currency or real money.

GSN Games announced the launch of Sparcade on iOS. The game allows users to play competitive versions of Solitaire TriPeaks, Scrabble, Tetris Burst, Pac-Man and Wheel of Fortune to win virtual currency or real money.

In Sparcade, users begin by selecting an avatar to represent them in the game. From there, users can compete in practice and real-money matches against friends and strangers. In practice matches, users can wager a virtual currency called Tokens for a chance to win additional Tokens. Real-money matches, meanwhile, see users wager real money for a chance to win additional money.

Sparcade Pac-Man

Players receive 10,000 Tokens to begin, and they can add their own real money to the app via credit card or PayPal. Additional Tokens cannot be purchased. The entry fees for real-money matches start at $1, and users can withdraw money from their in-game accounts at any time. Players in the U.S. can see whether their states allow real-money gaming in Sparcade here.

In each game, the player is matched up with other players of a similar skill level, and every player receives the same game setup to keep things fair. For instance, in Wheel of Fortune, all players will work to solve the same puzzles, and they will each receive the same dollar amount on each “spin.” All users will also play for the same amount of money in the bonus round. In this way, the outcome of each match will be determined by the skills and choices of the players, rather than by luck. Matches are asynchronous, so players may need to wait for other players to finish to receive any rewards.

As users complete matches, they’ll earn experience points and they can level up over time. Users can also complete in-game achievements to receive bonus experience points. As users level up, they’ll receive mystery Fan Mail boxes, which can contain special items called Fans, as well as additional Tokens and experience points. These Fans unlock new avatars for players to choose from, and they also give players free Tokens each day.

While Sparcade includes five games at launch, GSN Games said it will bring additional games to the platform over time.

In a statement, Greg Canessa, senior vice president at GSN Games and general manager of Sparcade, commented:

There are several factors that make now a perfect time for us to introduce Sparcade: Casual games have become a permanent fixture in our everyday lives, the energy and enthusiasm around eSports has never been higher and multiplayer, competitive gaming on mobile is beginning to take shape. 

We know players will enjoy playing competitively for free or for real money in some of the biggest and most popular game franchises of all time, and we can’t wait for them to experience the rich social layer, community features and additional games that we have in the works. With the launch of Sparcade, we’re excited to give players a chance to compete and build their skills in the first wave of games while we add even more iconic franchises and new features in the coming months.

Sparcade is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.