GSN transforms The Chase quiz show into a game on iOS

Image via GSN

GSN has released its latest mobile game, bringing its popular television quiz show “The Chase” to life on mobile devices. The Chase app sees players taking on Mark Labbett, also known as “The Beast,” as they answer quiz questions to earn virtual money.

The Chase app plays much like the television show. Up to four players can take on The Beast on the same device, with gameplay taking place across three rounds. The first is the Cash Builder, a timed round in which players answer general knowledge questions to build up their potential cash winnings before taking on The Beast himself.

The true ‘Chase’ round begins as players go one-on-one with The Beast, trying to climb a money ladder while not getting caught by The Beast. Answering questions correctly moves players closer to the money, but The Beast can do the same.

If players survive this round, they move on to the Final Chase, another timed round of general knowledge questions. The number of correct answers determines how many The Beast needs to also earn in that same time frame to stop the player from winning their final prize money.

The Chase app offers Game Center leaderboards and achievements for keeping track of high scores and other milestones, as well as statistics which keep track of The Beast’s answer accuracy and win-to-loss ratio.

The Chase is now available to download for $0.99 on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.