GSound Helps Identify Songs & Movies Based on Seconds of Audio Track

Have you seen or heard part of a song in a cafe and want to know where to buy the track? Check out GSound, a new iPhone app that will help you identify media, be it a song, TV show or movie, by allowing you to record a few seconds of the audio which is used to help connect you with where you can buy it.

GSound uses sound recognition technology to help you identify the TV show, song or movie. The app tries to identify the media’s “audio fingerprint” and searches for three elements that are tagged into the file.

Damián A. Scavo, the CEO of Axwave, GSound’s maker, explained in a statement: “Every search triggers three queries that allows GSOUND to not only identify the movie, music or TV show being heard, but also detailed information about it, where you can buy it and share it with friends.”

Once you have identified the song or show, the app will provide you with links to help you purchase the media from iTunes or Amazon, if it is available. The app will also suggest related content that is available for purchase.

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