Guardian Columnist Conjures Up Priest of the Year

Jonathan James follows this week's Time magazine narrative to an abandoned cemetery outside Pisa.

There has been an insane amount of reaction to Time magazine’s selection of President-elect Donald Trump as 2016’s “Person of the Year.” On social media, in the press and at neighborhood meeting places, with several people casually telling FishbowlNY they will never buy another copy of the magazine.

Today, from across the pond, Guardian columnist Jonathan Jones adds a cheeky take. After noting previous “Person of the Year” winners such as Genghis Khan and Vlad the Impaler, he writes:

The claim that Time gave Trump horns has spread so fast online that the magazine has actually felt the need to deny what surely started as facetious speculation. It insists that it had no such intention and this is simply what happens when you have a big M at the top of the page: “Any resemblance to … devil horns is entirely coincidental.”

Tell that to Father Jerzy Bolochs, the former exorcist and consultant to paranormal thrillers who I interviewed this morning in an abandoned cemetery outside Pisa. In his opinion this is no “coincidence”. That would be like saying the rain of sheep that fell on Paris on the eve of the Black Death was a coincidence.

Of course the editors of Time did not intentionally give Trump devil horns. God did. This is, fears Bolochs, one final sign before the Antichrist is inaugurated as president in the New Year.

As a nod to readers who fail to read the full article and immediately take their outrage to Facebook, Jones has made his priest’s last name match that of a popular U.K. expletive. The columnist eventually turns serious and suggests people are missing the real brilliance of photographer Nadav Kander’s cover shot.

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