Guild and Thomson Reuters Locked in Fight Over Labor Laws, Including Company Twitter Policy

The National Labor Relations Board has announced that it would issue a complaint against Thomson Reuters unless the Guild and Thomson Reuters reach an agreement. If a deal is not struck, which isn’t likely after a 14-month impasse, the case will go to trial.

A member of the Guild told FishbowlDC: “We expect management will bring this to court, and appeal after that if they lose, but this really weakens their hand and strengthens ours.”

The complaint alleges that Thomson Reuters committed numerous labor law violations involving work rules and compensation. At the heart of the contentions by the Guild is the following:

“The Guild estimates that employees have lost more than $2.4 million a year in compensation as a result of the work rules illegally imposed by management that include doubling of health insurance payroll deductions, cutting retirement contributions and the overtime pay rate by 33 percent, eliminating evening and weekend shift pay, ending experience-based pay raises for newer employees, reducing severance pay and an array of nickel-and-dime cuts. The company’s two imposed pay raises, by comparison, each amounted to less than $400,000.”

Thomson Reuters also faces a fight involving the company’s Twitter policy…

The National Labor Relations Board complaint also alleges that Thomson Reuters “came up with a Twitter policy that illegally restricts employee speech.” The example in question is an employee who was verbally disciplined for tweeting that Thomson Reuters should “deal honestly with Guild members.” This is the first complaint against the company involving Twitter policy.

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