Guinness Promotes New US-Specific Facebook Page By Highlighting Local Music Series

Guinness recently launched a new Facebook fan page to promote its US division, appropriately named Guinness US, and it’s now promoting the page with a campaign called the Emerging Artists Series. The new promotion is part of the overall Fortune Favors The Bold campaign, which the brand has been pushing through social media and TV spots since late last year.

The Page is following a couple trends among brands using Pages. One is that it has decided to target US users separately from its other efforts on Facebook. Other brands, notably rival brewer Budweiser, have made the same decision. The other trend is that it is trying to tie itself to up-and-coming musicians, as Levi’s, Odwalla and Microsoft have recently been doing.

The Emerging Artists Series is currently focusing on a variety of musicians from the Washington, D.C. area and is being backed by both Guinness and Marc Ecko’s Complex magazine and website. The artists range from soul singers to DJs — each artist receives a feature bio, and an events calendar highlights the upcoming appearances for the artists.

Guinness recently launched the new Facebook page dedicated to its US brand, and the Emerging Artists Series promotion is immediately visible on a The Bold Life tab that’s now its landing page. The fan page is a bit of a break from the original Guinness brand page, with more of a focus on traditionally American demographics.

While the promotion is readily visible on the site, there’s no mention of the campaign on the Guinness site. There was a post a couple of weeks ago on the original Guinness fan page alerting fans to the new US page, but there’s currently no mention of the promotion anywhere on the international Guinness page, which currently has about 77,800 fans from around the world.

Guinness’s original fan page is well-populated with videos and photos, and the administrators post regularly and respond to posts by fans. The new US page seems to be run in a similar fashion, with ongoing, engaging contests that highlight fans, and a few photos and videos from both Guinness and its fans. The Guinness US page currently has more than 3,300 fans.

The new campaign is being promoted through banner ads, such as the one on, an online basketball and urban lifestyle magazine,and it appears that Guinness is attempting to establish a completely unique identity for its states-side endeavors. By using this specific music series the brand seems to be targeting a more urban market for a their product, which is already wildly popular with the pub crowd.