Gun Zombie 2 brings first-person zombie carnage to iOS

Image via Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile has released its latest zombie adventure on mobile devices, Gun Zombie 2. The game sees players taking the role of a survivor during the zombie apocalypse, challenged with surviving waves of the oncoming zombie horde using a variety of weapons and ammo types in a first-person-shooter perspective.

During each level of the game’s story mode, players are positioned at the end of a long corridor, and must shoot the oncoming zombies before they reach the player character and do damage. The game’s virtual joysticks see players aiming their gun by tapping and dragging on the left side of the screen, while firing is done by tapping or holding the fire button on the right side.

Different weapons have different damage stats, ammo capacities and more, and players earn bonus points for shooting zombies in the head (this technique also does more damage per shot). Eventually, zombies will carry shields, will approach the player more quickly and more, increasing the challenge.

Power-ups including explosive ammo, armor-piercing ammo and bullet time (a few moments of slow-motion gameplay) are available to help players out in each stage, with power-ups being available to purchase with premium currency in the store.

Image via Glu Mobile

At the end of a level, players are given a letter rank based on their number of head-shots, overall shooting accuracy and other level performance stats, and they can retry each stage to increase their previous high score. Guns can be upgraded and purchased using both free and premium currency, with basic currency being rewarded after successfully completing each stage.

Gun Zombie 2 is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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