Guy Raz Gets a New NPR Podcast

It's called How I Built This.

TED Radio Hour host and editorial director Guy Raz is debuting a new NPR podcast beginning Sept. 12.

It’s called How I Built This, and will feature Raz interviewing the creators of brands and products like Spanx, Warby Parker, Instagram and Clif Bar about what it took to realize their ideas.

“We are living in the middle of an entrepreneurial renaissance all around the world. Many of the most iconic brands and companies we think of today were started by ordinary people with extraordinary grit,” said Raz in a statement. “How I Built This is the place where those people drop their guard, open-up and take us on a wild ride.”

We’re expecting a lot of we’ve-been-there-too style narratives to make you feel better when you’re stuck in your own vortex of self-doubt.