Hack Individual Pics With Facebook Photo Strips

Check out a new Facebook application that lets you display your photos in a unique way.

Since Facebook launched its new profile layout a few months ago, users and developers alike have been experimenting with surprising ways to display pictures on the social network. The trend gave us applications that hacked your profile picture and made it spill over to the rest of your page, for example. Now, you can do something similar with individual pics.

Photo Strips is an application from the creators of the successful Profile Maker, which I reviewed a few months ago. This newest service lets you edit pictures to make them panoramic,and the results are pretty cool. If you’re into messing with images on Facebook, this is an easy and user-friendly way to provoke a reaction from your friends.

As you can see, once you upload the picture you want to alter, you’re able to modify the contents of each box by either zooming in or out, and moving the pic up and down, and left and right (like when you’re editing your thumbnail). You may also add a caption to the photo, which in reality becomes the name of the album.

Here is the final result of my picture stripping — in a way, the result is similar to how the latest tagged pictures of you show up at the top of your profile:

After posting the photo strip for your friends to see, each photo is individually stored — and can be individually accessed — on a discrete photo album.

I’m not sure whether this is a useful feature: When you click on an individual photo, it’s displayed as a thumbnail, not a full-sized picture. Plus the dismembered photos don’t necessarily make sense on their own.

But perhaps what bothered me the most was to have the name of the product displayed so aggressively at the top of the update.

It seems that if there were an appropriate place to plug the name of an application, it should not be by hijacking the traditional Facebook status update — reserved, precisely, for my personal use. For example, I think I would prefer my caption to be the update, while Photo Strips could be the name of the album.

All in all, however, Photo Strips is an original, accessible, and visually striking app that has the potential to grow and become a Facebook hit; within a minute of posting it to my profile, one friend had liked the album and another commented on it.

Readers, have you tried Photo Strips yet? If so, please share your experiences in the comments section. Do you think this application has potential?

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