Hacking Could Bring You More Jail Time Than Raping

Hacking is undoubtedly illegal for civilians, but how does it stack up against rape? According the highly public Steubenville rape case, “hacktivists” can actually get more jail time than rapists. By hacking into social media accounts to obtain tweets, videos, and Instagram photos, Anonymous hacktivist Deric Lostutter could face up to 10 years in federal prison. Since the convicted rapists were minors they will hardly face their maximum sentencing of two years. Witnesses and those who covered up the crime will not be facing any jail time.

Given the barrage of controversy from the NSA, Wikileaks, and Anonymous, what kind of message is the judicial system sending to the American Public? Hacking is legal so long as it’s government sanctioned, but if it’s not you’re better off raping?