‘Half Of All Recruiting Functions Are Dysfunctional’

Are you sick of the black hole that your applications seem to fall into regardless of your actions?

It’s not your fault.

Really, it isn’t.

But then why is this happening?

First, the scenario:

“I have recently talked to a dozen or more people who I know personally and have worked with over the years,” writes Kevin Wheeler at ERE.net. I can vouch for their skill, professional abilities, and reputation. While they may not be a good fit for the particular job they were seeking, they were worthy of respect and of receiving a consistent and predictable response.”

Instead, because recruiters inside a company are so disorganized and inefficient, even “dysfunctional,” Wheeler says, applications get ignored, candidates don’t get calls back, and everyone loses.

No real practical tips here except for the basics—make sure you’ve got policies in place stating how long before giving someone a call back and how many resumes you can realistically collect before you’re overwhelmed.

A Friday reminder that most people aren’t rude on purpose, just overworked and undersupported.

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