Halfbrick Wants to Take iOS Gamers on a Jetpack Joyride

iOS developer Halfbrick Studios, maker of the hit Fruit Ninja, has delivered a spiritual successor to another of its titles, Monster Dash, in the form of Jetpack Joyride. This newest release, a universal $0.99 download, once again casts players as seminal Halfbrick hero Barry Steakfries as he dons (among other things) a jetpack built from a machinegun and attempts to use it to escape from a top secret facility.

Like Monster Dash, Jetpack Joyride falls into the “endless running” genre, rewarding players for staying alive for as long a distance as possible. As they travel further, the speed of the game increases and the number of deadly obstacles — including electrical barriers, homing missiles and energy beams — becomes greater.

Using the basic jetpack, players tap and hold the screen to fly higher and release their finger to lose altitude. By collecting special icons, players can use different vehicles, including a teleporter, power armor, motorcycle and bird-like flying machine. Each controls in a slightly different way and allows Barry to take one hit before being destroyed. Along the way, players can collect spin coins that can be used to play a slot machine game when they die. In this game, players can win second chances, head starts for the next play, double coins for the next play and a variety of explosives that will knock their corpses farther down the level to boost their final distance traveled.

The game also incorporates a number of missions — challenges that reward the player with stars for completion. These range from high-fiving a certain number of scientists to having close calls with obstacles. The stars they provided are added up and help players advance from rookie to advanced skill levels.

Coins that players collect during gameplay can be used to buy various items from The Stash in between plays. Items on offer include new hats, costumes and jetpacks for Barry, in addition to the same power-ups available through the slot machine minigame. Coins can also be bought via an in-app purchase, providing some additional monetization for the title.

You can follow Jetpack Joyride’s progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.