Halfway To Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update

At the beginning of the week T-Mobile and Microsoft released the February and March updates to Windows Phone 7, and said that owners of the Dell Venue Pro and HTC HD7 should be receiving over the air notifications. The notifications tell owners that the update is available to be installed, but you have to connect the phone with the Zune Desktop software in order to actually install the update on the phone.

Todd has received the notifications and installed both the February and the March, “NoDo” updates. The February update is needed in order for the March update to install properly and doesn’t add any functionality to the phone. The March update adds functionality like copy, cut, and paste and improvements to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

I have not seen any over the air notifications, but when I connected my HD7 to my Windows PC on Wednesday, I received a notification on the PC that an update was available for my phone, but first the Zune Desktop software had to be updated. I installed the update to the Zune software and then got the notification that the February update was available to be installed.

The installation process took a few minutes and several reboots, but went off without a hitch. Unfortunately, I still have not received the notication for the NoDo update, either on my phone, or when I plug the phone in to my PC. If you are waiting for the February update over the air notification, you might want to connect your phone to your computer to see if you receive the notifications.

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