Halifax Lays Off 30 Staffers, More To Come?

Halifax Media Group has laid off 30 of the 50 staffers it acquired from the New York Times Regional Media Group headquarters in Tampa, according to a memo obtained by Poynter Mediawire. The HQ was home to the management team that supervised the 16 papers purchased by Halifax, including marketing staff, product managers, developers and salespeople.

The 20 HQ employees who were not laid off face a choice: relocate 2.5 hours away to Daytona Beach or join the ranks of the unemployed. According to Poynter, the developers and salespeople were offered positions, while all the marketing employees and all but one product manager were laid off.

Halifax was bound by the terms of its purchase to only lay off 10 percent of the 2,000-person-total staff, but that requirement only applied to layoffs at the sale’s closing, which happened late last year.

The newspapers themselves, not the HQ, can expect more layoff news in the next month or so, Poynter reports.