Halloween Activity Begins Early on Tumblr

Month-to-month engagements rose 44.35% in June, 53.94% in July

Engagements for posts tagged with #Halloween surged 221.54% in September Tumblr

Halloween is coming up Thursday, but Tumblr users didn’t wait until the last minute to begin planning their festivities.

While it’s no surprise that engagements for posts tagged with #Halloween surged 221.54% in September compared with August, they also saw month-to-month gains as early as June (44.35%) and July (53.94%).

Tumblr shared data from its Fandometrics initiative, an effort to compile data on the platform’s most talked about entertainers and topics as well as track shifts in collective conversations by its users, factoring in criteria such as number of posts containing a tag, searches for that tag, reblogs of posts with that tag and likes of posts with that tag.

The blogging platform said on the about page for Fandometrics, “To make a long story short: We weight and normalize the number of actions to create a more accurate picture of each fandom’s influence across Tumblr, without sentiment.”

Tumblr highlighted the #goblincore tag in a Fandometrics blog post, defining it as “an aesthetic ideology revolving around taking on the generic traits of a goblin.”

The tag peaked on April 24, when total engagements were up 469.73% from the previous week and 931.26% compared with two weeks prior.

“Since then, people have continued to lean into their inner spook, with boosts in similar tags including cryptidcore, mysterycore and corvidcore,” according to Tumblr. “Aligned with that, people are also engaging more with cozy, nature-loving, off-the-grid communities like cottagecore, farmcore and, the most feel-good of them all, grandmacore. We’ve even seen a return of the meme Regional Gothic in a new, illustrative reincarnation.”

The company also highlighted other Halloween-related accounts on its platform:

  • Simblr, a Sims fandom page originally known as Trick’r Simbling, shared a visual guide to trick-or-treat etiquette four Halloweens ago.
  • Halloween Treat is a mix of original and curated Halloween content with a side blog featuring homegrown pumpkins.
  • For those who want to get paranormal on Halloween, Ghost Quest can assist with the journey.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.