Hand-Drawn Animation Returns with Full Length Film: “The Ruined Cast”

Hand-drawn animation has been all but wiped out by the advance of computer technology but Dash Shaw, the creator of The Ruined Cast, is looking to reintroduce a time-honored artform with his new film, currently featured on Kickstarter.

The Ruined Cast is Shaw’s first foray into full-length animation and looks to be an impressive, ambitious premier. Acting as both writer and director, the Brooklyn-based comics veteran has been helming a team of artists that are dead-set on bringing the movie to life entirely through painstakingly created paints, pencils and inks.

The story (outlined in all of its surreal glory through The Ruined Cast’s NSFW Kickstarter trailer) concerns scientist Michael Malone and follows the disintegration of Argus, the closed community he created, as his latest experiment begins to backfire, negatively affecting both his work and family life.

An aesthetic this haunting and beautiful isn’t easy to make and maintain throughout an entire film however — and that’s why Shaw has taken to Kickstarter for assistance.

In order to finish The Ruined Cast, its creators need some financial support. Pledges will go toward the extensive amount of raw materials required in hand-crafting a full-length animated film. These include paints, pens, scanners, paper, cameras and much more. Some of the money is also needed for offsetting the cost of renting production space and paying for the hours of labor that are lovingly put toward every single frame.

Check out more details of the project by visiting the official The Ruined Cast website or by hovering your mouse and taking direct, punitive action on this link to its Kickstarter page.