HanDBase for iPad: Create & Edit Databases on the iPad

HanDBase is a mobile database product that I onced used quite a bit. It housed my “movie grades” (I used to rank every movie I saw) for years. And, before I knew what a blog was, I actually used HanDBase to write my blogs on a Pocket PC. I kept a database of mobile tech comments (with pointers to uploaded images), exported the database to an XML file, and wrote ASP script to render the data in a web browser. I haven’t used HanDBase recently. But, I do note when they do something interesting. Today’s interesting development is the release of:

HanDBase for iPad

This $9.99 is different from DDH Software’s earlier HanDBase for iPhone. Like earlier versions, HanDBase can create and edit databases right on the mobile device. This version does not, however, have the HanDBase Forms utility that creates customized data entry screens.

One interesting new feature is the ability to email the database from the iPad. This database file can be opened from the email program and synced with HanDBase on a desktop computer.

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