Handing Over the Keys to Keyword Targeting

Grapeshot claims trading ad-vantage

Digital buyers are looking for any edge they can get in the ever-evolving world of high-stakes ad bidding. If for instance, they could tell that people viewing winter sports content online are more inclined to be in the market for a rental car, then that’s a targeting advantage marketers want to exploit.

Such keywords data is just one piece of the puzzle, but it could make the difference in serving an effective ad. It’s also the type of information Google collects in abundance but guards closely.

The ad tech firm Grapeshot thinks it has the keys to keyword targeting —not for search but for display ads— and the company is expanding how it offers this technology.

Grapeshot CEO John Snyder told Adweek that his company already has been helping inject keyword targeting into real-time bidding campaigns through exchanges like AppNexus and Turn.

Now, the company is launching Datashot for agencies and ad traders that are investing in proprietary data management platforms. Datashot is essentially offering agencies a way to apply the keyword targeting to their first-party data —which is collected directly from Web users and not bought like third-party data.

The first-party data is crucial as big Internet companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and the like control larger and larger silos of data. And with mobile and desktop lines blurred, the old ways of simple cookie targeting —dumping a file on a user’s computer— are seemingly nearing an end.

Agencies like Xaxis and Varick Media are developing new ways to offer advertisers targeting techniques that don’t rely on cookies and aren’t overly dependent on the whims of the tech titans like Google.

Part of that is establishing first-party relationships with users, by serving ads through Web publishers that attract traffic in millions.

Snyder hopes that Grapeshot’s keyword capabilities become a standard part of the data profiles the agencies use going forward. “If you look at logs with a contextual lens, you discover new patterns, discover a new story for the brand,” Snyder said. “If you’re an agency now investing in your own data management platform you’ve got logs of data and to transform a URL into value we turn it into sets of keywords.”

For example, a company like Verizon could craft its creative approach differently for users reading about iPhones or those reading Android content. The keyword data also uncovers little oddities like BlackBerry ads tend to perform well alongside Golf content —maybe not that odd actually.

MediaiQ already applies Grapeshot’s technology to its data.

“With billions of log lines, we use Grapeshot to transform the URLs where each ad is placed, into meaningful channel categories,” MediaiQ CEO Gurman Hundal wrote in an email to Adweek.

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