Happy Belated Birthday

DCRTV’s Dave Hughes posted a Happy Birthday message to himself yesterday over on his website. It’s a sure sign that you have a fulfilled life full of meaningful relationships when you have to remind everyone that it’s your birthday. Since Mike Allen didn’t tell us about it in Playbook, we missed it. So, Happy Belated Birthday, Dave. So, here are our Top 3 Birthday Wishes for you..

1 – We hope that you get another glowing profile like this one from Washingtonian. We can only hope that WaPo will get around to including you in their weekend section. If not, GQ may come calling for tips on how to maintain a “Squirrelly and Discolored Metal Beard.”

2 – That someone gives you a huge gift box with a bow on top that is filled with new sources and story ideas so that you don’t have to go regurgitate other people’s content without giving them credit.

3 – That someone buys you a mall gift card so you can replace those filthy looking military fatigues that you have on all the time.


Just in case you missed his birthday wishes to himself, Dave continues the celebration today.