Happy Birthday, David Carr’s Daughters

David Carr’s twin daughters Erin and Meagan turned 25 today.

Indeed,  the effect the twins had on his drug-addled life as a part-time reporter, part-time crackhead in Minneapolis in the late 1980s is well documented.

Here is part of an essay published in the New York Times Magazine, where Carr is the marquee media reporter and columnist, from 2008, just before his memoir “The Night of the Gun” was published:

 On April 15, 1988, Anna had twin girls. My daughters. Our remaining friends had begged us, quite reasonably, to abort them. Pals began to boycott our house because it had become such a grim, near-scientific tableau of addiction’s progression.

Eventually we both went to treatment, and our kids went into foster care. I sobered up; Anna did, too, until she didn’t; and I obtained physical custody of the twins, Erin and Meagan. As a power trio, we worked our way off welfare. I married somebody grand, we had a baby and professionally, one thing led to another, and I ended up working at The New York Times. I have lived most of the last two decades showered by those promises that recovery delivers, with luck, industry and fate guiding me to a life beyond all expectation.