Happy Earth Day: We’re Screwed

Forty years after the first Earth Day and we can’t even get a consensus in our major media outlets that the planet might actually have catastrophic environmental problems worthy of attention. The L.A. Times says it’s time to panic, the Washington Post says forty years in, we’re losing. The New York Times apparently isn’t into dire prognostication and instead runs a photo essay on Jersey trash art. The Wall Street Journal says Earth Day is boring, and about that global warming thing? No problems here.

Rush Limbaugh
says he plans to personally bulldoze two acres of rain forest, while setting the air conditioning on his five rental properties to a cool 65.

James Cameron says he didn’t make enough money on Avatar, so you can listen to him talk about the environment for $50 bucks at LA Live.

Perhaps the most sage generalized Earth Day thoughts come from the Detroit Free Press, which notes the real Earth Day is 365 days a year.